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Why I started up the SAEFL in 1998 there were so many PBEM football leagues that you could play in 7/8 managers with out running into to many of the same managers. No this list has dropped from about 80 links to what you see below. If you notice a link that is not working let me know I want to keep this site updated with top leagues.


SAEFL based Leagues:

I have started to hand out my software so that if the SAEFL ever closes this great league type will continue.

DESL This is run by Jeroen Van Popple


WWESL This is run by Keith Myers



MSWL Type leagues


FLATNZ This is run by Tim GIevn

MSWL Run by Al Sellers the man who started off the MSWL type league

Welcome to psychopath!

PSYCHOS[H]OCCER I fogot who runs this league

SASO This is run by Kev Hull





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